The Curious World Of Rare Breeds

Avonstour Island is a parcel of hill county land nestled in the beautiful Taranaki heartland. 

Our goal is to change your personal perception of organics, sustainability and self-ownership by a mere 1%. This may seem small but if we can challenge you to change another person’s mind a mere 1%, then our job is done.
On the Island, we offer quirky eco-accommodation. If you are targeting us for the numerous courses we run, we also have accommodation organised on a neighbouring sustainable Island just a boat’s row away or a 15 minutes’ drive. The property is an Island oasis of heritage methods, crafts, food and living…….. a rare treat in today’s modern-day commercialisation.

Avonstour Island is one of the few NZ Islands that a railway still runs through, meaning you don’t need a boat to get to us.

Within the Island oasis we grow and display established heritage food trees, old food plants and Rare Breed animals, some of which are the rarest in the world. The Island is in fact a collection of forgotten genetic material both plant and animal.
If your visit is for accommodation or education expect to see many things that you will need for survival and sustainability in the challenging modern world today.

The Island is in a constant state of evolution where the modern world is blending with the old. We always welcome your input in many forms, be it a relic from the past or if you are lucky enough to be a volunteer, to help others’ take advantage of the knowledge and education we offer.

When entering the Island, you need to sweep your mind free of the commercial and modern world and realise that our goal is education and to enhance your future. Any fees we charge are totally used to keep the vision and dream open and operational for the next visitor.

We are not open to the public. However, we constantly encourage business, families, clubs, organisations, schools etc to make organised group bookings. These organised bookings always receive very personal treatment.

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2 days ago

George shedding his winter woolies & posing for a photo. He's wondering what John's radio show topic will be on tomorrow. So tune into MostFM 100.4FM at 9.15 to 9.30am.

1 week ago
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John on the radio MostFM 100.4FM Monday 12 November 20 between 9.15 - 9.30am talking on old fashioned pig clubs in the depression.

1 week ago
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Forgotten World Adventures stopping at Avonstour Island's Twisty's wagon at lunch time today. It's going to be great to welcome this season's first rail cart visitors. All set up & waiting.

1 week ago
Hide & seek with an ostrich

I spy a camera..Maybe I can hide behind the caught again

2 weeks ago
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Avonstour Island announces their next Open Farm event on Sunday 22 November 2020 in conjunction with Rare Breeds Conservation Society NZ's AGM weekend. Tune in to MostFM 100.4FM tomorrow morning ... See more


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A selection of rare breeds found on our farm



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